Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Welcome to

Fox Audio Hire Ltd

We are an Independent supplier of small and medium sized sound systems and traditional outdoor public address systems for events.

For almost 40 years our family run business, now headed up by daughter and dad, has been involved with all areas of the entertainment and events industry.

We specialise in the short term hire of sound for Spoken word shows, Sporting events, Announcements, Cabaret shows, Conferences & Special events.

We also supply lighting for decorating rooms & venues, seasonal decorations as well as delivering and managing great events. 

07814 719126 is the best way to catch us 

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We work hard to ensure we operate effectively and will be doing so safely following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A new 30 page risk assessment including a covid assessment put together with advice from the W.H.O and leading event industry forums, is accompanied by new safe working methods and statements for each of our trailers and all our touring theatre sound systems.

Equipment returning to our warehouse will be quarantined for 72 hours and then hard surface cleaned, microphones and other "shared" pieces will also undergo sanitisation using specially formulated products, proven to remove all traces of germs.

Lighting that normally is used to illuminate performance areas and stages, became a way of making medical treatment sites safer and able to operate late into the evenings, to allow flu vaccines and blood tests to be carried out in a outdoor setting, keeping staff and patients Covid Safe.

Street food stalls. 

 We now offer a selection of Street Food Stalls, all fully equipped with cooking and cleaning facilities. We aim to think outside the box of regular bacon, burgers and bangers, instead we can offer wraps, pasta, pies, pulled pork, as well as sweet treats like Slushy drinks, Candy Floss, pop-corn, and many others. Combined with the latest food order app technology we can take remote orders and deliver to cars and pods on drive in events maintaining covid safe distance ordering. 

The upkeep of public spirits, also gave rise to the illuminating of civic buildings and places of interest, celebrating the work of the NHS and winning of awards. Again great us of lighting and our teams technical skills.

Our large commentary unit, shown below offers space for announcers to work and great vision on 3 sides of the unit. The free standing adjustable mounts allow long throw horns to be attached as shown, these are directed to the areas that need coverage, we can also attach lighting units, speaker boxes and other devices.

Another view of the large unit, offering space for two to work side by side and it is supplied complete and ready to go, with its on board 24 volt amplification, it requires no mains power or generators. Ideal for quiet events, country shows, sports events where noise can be a disturbance.

Presenting outdoor events and gigs emerged as a way to put on socially distanced shows, car parks and other open spaces have been transformed into the most unlikely theatres, drive in cinemas and performance spaces, this pop up band stand below has become a great stage and focal point for many set ups, it is available through our office as part of our events support package.

With years of experience of inside gigs, marquee gigs and unusual performance spaces the new plans are everyday activities to our team, who achieve brilliant results using the best quality sound and lighting systems to enhance all shows.

This image below shows our smaller commentary unit, supplied with the same sound power as its big brother, again fully self contained for its own power provision, vision on 3 sides with its windows and the fourth wall can be a fully open door. Comfortable for 1 or 2 persons to work under shelter and needing a smaller footprint, it is ideal for smaller events or as a second relay unit on larger open space events when we link it back to the large unit to create an impressive coverage system.

One of our favourite events in Clumber Park has guest chefs to demonstrate, having a few minutes spare time T.V s John Torode was exploring the event in 2019 and stopped to say hello.

Small theatre set up for live cabaret shows, using all the latest advances in equipment allows the set up to be simple and compact, but offer full digital quality mixing and sound processing.

We also plan and deliver Christmas trees and lighting schemes for community areas around the area, using the latest low voltage LED fixtures and colour changing effects.

The family team Nat, Sue and Chris.